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e-commerce sales growth projected to continue in 2021


As more consumers get vaccinated and large gatherings return, some categories affected by the pandemic are beginning to show signs of life.

While eMarketer anticipates that clothing and accessories will see an uptick in sales once the pandemic ends, retail sales tracked by the U.S. Department of Commerce showed a 105% spike in clothing and accessory sales from March 2020 when much of the sector was forced to shut down or significantly scale back in-store operations. Plus, sporting goods, hobby, and bookstore sales also jumped by 78% from last year, and electronics and appliances increased by 29%, per the Department of Commerce data.

Though the coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for apparel retailers as consumers who stay mostly at home find less reason to shop for clothes, eMarketer's research echoes the findings of other analysts who predict that fashion retailers are poised to make a comeback this year. Analysts from the NPD Group and Deloitte expect to see strong demand for the fashion as the country eases into its new normal.

The work-from-home life might still impact consumer spending. As many offices still sit empty with no concrete plans to reopen, the computer and consumer electronics category is still expected to be taking up a portion of consumers' discretionary spending in 2021.






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