Decades of Experience

From Manhattan to San Francisco, Chris's journey has taken him full circle to the birth of the Advanced Targeting Agency.

Chris is a third-generation Marketer. His grandfather, Auther Churchill, worked at Donahoe & Coe from 1932 to 1962 NYC. His notable clients were Carolina Long-grain Rice, Angostura bitters, and Dr. Scholls.

His mother, Mary Churchill was a pioneer in Public Relations.  Industry.  working for Grey Advertising before becoming the Sr, VP of Corporate Cummincaations at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.

After graduating college, Chris moved to Aspen, where he was the co-owner of retail sporting goods store with snowboards as its core, called The Alternative Edge. And, this is where Chris's passion for retail marketing and technology. Barcode technology was the new thing and Chris implemented the technology and leaned Excel.  

In 1994, the store received Aspen's Small Business of the Year Award. In 1995, Alternative Edge was recognized by the Ski Industry of America (SIA) as Retailer of The Year and in 1996, received a Simpson Award for excellence for its mail-order catalog. 

A little know fact; Bill Joy lived in Aspen and employed a think tank of loveable geeks (worked above the Steak Pit) that were working on a top-secret new language called Java. They were eager to test Java out on the World Wide Web, but probably more interested in getting some free snowboard gear, and converted the beautiful Kodak Echdichome slides and Word Perfect documents into something called Jpegs and HTML language. Together we began selling on and it was still 1996.  

In 1997, on a trip to San Francisco, Chris met like-minded e-commerce zealots and knew he had a destiny with the West Coast. As fate would have it, he received an offer from Aspen Sport to buy Alternative Edge. They had zero interest in the website, and he took it and moved into a flat in Sausalito, CA with the developers who built the website and moved to Silicon Valley - it was the place to be. 

Shortly after, getting to the Bay Area, Chris received an offer from a Marketing company called Cybernautics in Sauasulio to be a media planner on a client called REI. They had just started and thought it would be a great fit. And it was.    


Pillars of Our Services

Building a business on the pillars of customer service, product knowledge, value, and humor is always a winning formula. But, easier said than done. 

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