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Three Key Take-A-Ways From Shopify For 2021 E-Commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic sped up (and shaped) the future of ecommerce

1. Of consumers have shopped online since the pandemic, compared to 65% who have shopped in-store. Source: Shopify 67% of these younger consumers (below 35) have shifted more of their spending to online shopping. Compared to the 54% average across consumers. 2. Younger consumers are leading the charge Young customers led the trend, with 67% shifting more of their spending to online shopping compared to earlier this year, ahead of older age groups (57% for consumers 35-54, and 41% for 55+). Source: Shopify Over half of customers shifted more of their spending to online shopping since the pandemic was declared, compared to earlier this year. Source: Shopify8 THE STATE OF SHOPIFY REPORT This group of younger consumers has different motivations than other generations. The top 3 factors that influence a purchasing decision are:

3. And there are 3 main things this group values Discover and shop via social media Prefer to shop for sustainable and green products Shop to have an impact It’s not just younger consumers that want to shop to make an impact. Shopify found that 50% of consumers look for independently owned businesses to support and 65% support small businesses. Which means the fact that your brand is a small business is your superpower. So you should be leaning into your story every chance you have

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